Eddy Voice Remote

Alexa Meet Eddy Control Devices with your voice

For advanced and intelligent users who want to use their voice to control their devices.

What are the requirements?

Global Cache Device
iTach Series (IP2IR, IP2IR-P, & WF2IR)
All Tivos that support Remote Network Access
  • You need to have an Amazon Alexa device to use the voice functionality
  • You need to have a compatible controller.
  • You need to configure your environment for:
    1. Port Forwarding
    2. Or Setup Eddy Bridge via Android or Raspberry Pi 3
Your 1 Month Trial will begin after you confirm your email. No Credit Card Information needed for the trial.

Hands-free commands

Using voice commands, you can fast forward, rewind and even pause or play depending on your smart home devices. With Alexa, your new voice-controlled entertainment experience speaks for itself.

Turn on / off activities
Pause and Play
Fast Forward or Rewind
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Change channels by name
Increase or Decrease volume
Switch Inputs

1 Controller

(Billed Annually)


Unlimited Controllers

(Billed Annually)