Supported Hardware

An Infrared (IR) blaster blasts IR signals everywhere, allowing devices to figure out which ones correspond to them. IR Blasters are used to replicate your remotes. The following IR Blasters are compatible:

Global Caché

Global Cache Device
iTach Series (IP2IR, IP2IR-P, & WF2IR)
Global Cache Device
iTach Series (IP2SL, IP2SL-P, & WF2SL)
Global Cache Device
Flex Series (IP, IP-P,& WF)
Global Cache Device
GC-100 Series (06, 12, 18,18R)


Zmote Device
zmote V2 & Pro

There are lots of devices that support control over Internet Protocol (IP) in addition or instead of IR. The following IP Devices are compatible:

All Tivos that support Remote Network Access
All Rokus and TV Rokus are supported with Eddy Bridge Only
Direct TV
All Direct TV that have Remote Control Enabled
Any Panasonic TV that supports HTTP
HTTP Post or Get Request