What is Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is the process of configuring your router to make your controller accessible to Eddy and the world from outside of your local network. It’s pretty technical and has been around for years and it works but security conscious people would say that it’s not ideal and can be a security problem. For that reason, Eddy Bridge exist.

What is Eddy Bridge

Eddy Bridge is just that a bridge to join your local controllers to Eddy. Pretty simple right? So what is it? It’s a piece of software that runs on your Raspberry Pi and avoids port forwarding. All traffic is connected via Secure connection back to Eddy's servers.

Which method should I use?

It depends, do you have Raspberry Pi ? If so setup Eddy Bridge. Are you worried about your security and or have no clue how to setup port forwarding ? No problem, use the Bridge. Everyone else, setup Port Forwarding.

Eddy Bridge Setup


You can setup Eddy Bridge on your Raspberry PI 3 / Zero W device. This software will allow your Local Controllers to be accessed by Eddy Voice Remote over a secure connection (SSL). Once you connect go to the Controllers page to Scan for Controllers.

Raspberry Pi Setup

  1. Flashing Eddy Bridge Firmware
  2. Phone
  3. Linking Eddy Bridge
    • Insert the Micro SD card in your Raspberry Pi 3 and wait 15 seconds
    • Connect to the newly created Wifi called "Eddy Bridge" using the password "eddyeddy"
    • Navigate to http://eddy.local or
    • Click on the "Link Account" button
    • Click on the "Accept" button to link your Eddy Bridge to your account